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Aug 11 09

Inverma Spanish Fly


No 1 top sales in Malaysia and Singapore.

Original Inverma Spanish Fly

Something to help her get into the mood for love. Use about 10 drops into her drinks and you’ll see its effect in about 15-20 minutes. Can be added into any type of drinks except very hot drinks or coconut water. A bottle can be used at least 10 times.

The total solution to bring the sparks again in your bored wife!

Spanish Fly has long been a legendary aphrodisiac and for good reason. Just a few drops will make him or her feel very, very horny.

Genitals literally tingle with anticipation and only cure is sex!!!!

DIRECTIONS Spanish Fly can be dissolved in any liquid instantly. As many as 12 drops of Spanish Fly  can be mixed in any drink.Spanish Fly is completely safe when used as directed.Please note that this product -Spanish Fly should only be administered with the explicit consent of the person who is going to consume it.Spanish Fly may make her eager to perform any sexual act you want!

The Spanish fly is the emerald-green blister beetle, in Latin Cantharis vesicatoria or Lytta vesicatoria which is found in the southern parts of Europe. The body of the Spanish Fly is usually 15-22 mm long and 5-8 mm wide with a strong smell and a burning taste. The dried and crushed body of the Spanish Fly beetle was earlier used medically as a irritant and diuretic, but was also regarded as a potent aphrodisiac.Origins: The legend that Spanish fly (or cantharides, a substance made from dried beetle remains) is a powerful aphrodisiac has been around for hundreds of years. The substance Spanish Fly liquid irritates the urogenital tract and produces an itching sensation in sensitive membranes, a feeling that allegedly increases a woman’s desire for intercourse.

Get a pack now and enjoy a more youthful romance immediately!!

Size : 10 ml

RM:55.00. +Rm5.00 (postage) Total Rm 60.00.

(USD $25.00 +$10.00 (Shipping and handling) Total USD $35.00)


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Apa Itu Inverma spanish Fly

Original Inverma Spanish Fly adalah merupakan sejenis bahan kimia tanpa bau yang dihasilkan dari sejenis kumbang yang dikenali sebagai ‘Spanish beetles’. Semasa ingin mengawan kumbang jantan mengeluarkan sejenis bahan yang menarik pasangannya untuk mengawan. Bahan tersebut kini dihasilkan di makmal dengan konsentrasi yang agak tinggi. Ia membuat nafsu ranjang membuak, juga mempertingkatkan selera seks terhadap pasangan. Dengan maxima 15 titik dia akan merasa ransangan seks dan ingin melakukan hubungan kelamin dan akan melakukan apa sahaja mengikut kemahuan.

Spanish Fly boleh melarut dengan segera dicampurkan di dalam minuman. Minima 10 – 13 titik Spanish Fly boleh dicampur di dalam apa saja jenis minuman. (Baca arahan sebelum menggunakan) Spanish Fly dijamin selamat kerana ia terhasil dari sumber semulajadi dan bukannya bahan tiruan. Untuk mengelakkan penyalahgunaan mesti mendapat kebenaran terlebih dahulu daripada pasangan anda. Produk ini adalah sesuai untuk yang sudah berumahtangga dalam mengembalikan keceriaan memadu asmara.

Increase Sex Drive Instantly with Germany Sex Drops.Aroused Your wife or Girl Friend in 5 mins!

Feeling like making love, also called sexual desire, is an emotional and physical reaction to a certain erotic stimulation. Lust for sex may follow after kissing ardently, caressing the body affectionately or touching the genitals in a certain way. Sexual arousal can also come from evaluating the other as being physically attractive. We have Germany Sex Drops to Increase Sex Drive.

So what are the causes of lack of libido or sex drive in women?

As is the case with men, lack of sex drive in women can be of either physical or psychological origin.

Physical causes

  • Anaemia, which is very common in women because of iron loss during periods
  • Pain or discomfort during sex. If a woman experiences pain during sex (dyspareunia) or is unableto achieve orgasm (anorgasmia), this may kill her desire for sex.
  • Alcoholism
  • Drug abuse
  • Major diseases such as diabetes
  • Post-baby ‘coolness’, a term we have coined for the loss of libido that often happens after child-birth. It is almost certainly linked to hormonal changes that occur at this time. The general trauma of childbirth also plays a part – and after having a baby, many women are too exhausted to think about sex.
  • Prescribed drugs, particularly tranquillisers
  • Hyperprolactinaemia – a rare disorder in which the pituitary gland is overactive
  • Other hormone abnormalities: leading Swiss gynaecologist Dr Michael Nemec claims that abnormalities in the production of luteinisinghormone (LH) often cause lack of desire. And top British gynaecologist John Studd says that many women who have lost their libido lack androgenic (male) hormones. This view remains controversial
  • Obesity or Anorexia. Women who are medically obese or suffer from anorexia (or are severely underweight) may be deficient in certain sex hormones and experience lack of sexual interest.

Psychological causes

These causes are very common. It’s understandable that when a woman is having a bad time emotionally, she may lose interest in sex.

  • Depression
  • Stress and overwork
  • Anxiety
  • Hang-ups from childhood
  • Past sexual abuse or rape
  • Latent lesbianism
  • Serious relationship problems with your partner
  • Difficult living conditions, e.g. sharing a home with parents or parents-in-law
  • Menopause- negative attitudes and beliefs that exist about menopause

To SOLVE your Lack of Libido or Sex Drive problem or to Arouse your wife and girl friend in 5 minutes, we have Germany Sex Drops for you.

Germany Sex Drops

Here are the results you can expect by taking Germany Sex Drops libido enhancement:

  1. Increase libido or arouse sex drive immediately, horny with WET Vagina
  2. More frequent interest in sex
  3. Promoted sexual response time, quicker arousal and less time to climax
  4. Intensified sexual sensation and orgasm
  5. Promoted clitoral stimulation
  6. Increased likelihood of multiple orgasms
  7. Increases blood flow to the female genital area and maximizes engorgement of the clitoris
  8. She will SCREAM FOR MORE!!!

Dosage and Ingredients

With only $39.90, you will revive your sex life without much effort! A Happy, Healthy Sex Life is Essential to Living. We charge Standard Postage Worldwide – $12.00.

RM:80.00. +Rm10.00 (postage) Total Rm90.00.

(USD $39.90 +$12.00 (Shipping and handling) Total USD $51.90)


Pearl Plus Or Pacak Langit

What if ?  You are able to achieve your best erection ever? You are able achieve that best erection at anytime at all, even during “emergency”Encounters? You have the libido of  a 20 years old youth? Fullfill yours wife with the ultimate earthquake? Only a single Pearl will And end it up with your very own powerful volcano? And ready to go all over again minutes later?

Made with 100% pure natural god-given wonders that has been used in centuries to cure all male related problems.  Totally safe for all ages and totally safe even if you are currently suffering from heart disease, hypertension or diabetes.

The 5 Wonders are

  1. Eurycoma Longifolia
  2. Ekstrak herba ginkgo biloba
  3. Tribulus terristris
  4. Butea Superba
  5. Smilax (Ubi Jaga)

Only a single Pearl will:

Cures E.D, Cures P.E, Increases Libido, Strengthens and prologing Eraction, Prevents Prostate problems, Increase your daily Physical strength, and Stamina

What has PL Pearl Plus has done to our customers so far?

We have customers who have not been “awake” for 6 years and yet manage to bring it to full attention after taking PL Pearl Plus daily for 2 weeks. There’re users who suffers from extreme fatigue every day after work who suddenly no longer feel lethargic after a few days of taking PL Pearl Plus every night before retiring.There’re also those who can’t seem to maintain their erection but now have no problems keeping it in its full glory. Do you need to take PL Pearl Plus everyday?

It actually depends on why you are taking it.  If you have a serious ED problem, then it is recommended that you take it every night for at least 2 weeks to cure your ED problem.  If you however, would just like to improve performance, taking it whenever necessary at least 30 minutes before action should be ok.

Packing : 10 Tablets per bottle.

RM:55.00. +Rm5.00 (postage) Total Rm 60.00.
Call Now 019-5460533 or Sms 24hrs
(USD $20.00 +$10.00 (Shipping and handling) Total $30.00)


FREE delivery within Peninsular Malaysia minimum 2 boxes above

Kandungan Pacak Langit Pearl

5 bahan berikut adalah digunakan untuk menghasilkan Pacak Langit Pearl:

  1. Eurycoma Longifolia
  2. Ekstrak herba ginkgo biloba
  3. Tribulus terristris
  4. Butea Superba
  5. Smilax (Ubi Jaga)

1. Eurycoma Longifolia adalah antara herba aphrosidiac yang terkuat di dunia. Digunakan semenjak dahulu lagi oleh penduduk di sekitar Asia Tenggara untuk meningkatkan daya seksual dan juga kesihatan badan keseluruhan

2. Ginkgo Biloba adalah antara herba yang paling banyak dikaji di seluruh dunia. Ianya berfungsi untuk menggalakkan pengaliran oksigen ke otak dan juga membantu meningkatkan keupayaan jantung, paru – paru dan alat kelamin untuk berfungsi.

3. Tribulus Terristris digunakan untuk meningkatkan tenaga tubuh badan, meningkatkan keinginan seksual dan membantu menyegarkan sistem reproduktif lelaki dan wanita.

4. Butea Superba membantu meningkatkan pengaliran darah ke kawasan kelamin dan mengekalkannya untuk membantu memberikan ketegangan yang lebih sempurna secara berterusan. Ramuan ini baru sahaja ditambahkan ke dalam Pacak Langit Pearl setelah kajian mendapati dengan menambahkan bahan ini, kesan panas yang terhasil dari tongkat ali dapat dihilangkan untuk menjadikan Pacak Langit Pearl ini boleh digunakan tanpa sebarang kesan kepada pengguna.

5. Ubi Jaga digunaka semenjak dahulu lagi sebagai aphrosidiac untuk lelaki. Ianya terbukti berkesan untuk meningkatkan keupayaan seksual lelaki dengan meningkatkan kandungan hormon testosterone.

Produk ini telah dihantar untuk analisa di makmal untuk memastikan ianya selamat digunakan tanpa ragu – ragu.